New Product launch PIB R-01

February 1, 2021
Yet Another product launch by Kothari, another exclusive polymer from Polyisobutylene family. Ultra-strongTacky glue, formulated with its rich expertise in Industrial Chemical field, has uses in pest repellent, adhesive & tackiness applications.  
  • Innovative high quality PIB R-01, is ideal for making pest management product.
  • Our RTG is extremely effective and may catch anything that comes in contact with the glue, with strong elongation properties without break.
    • Enhanced Stickiness for effective control of rodents.
    • Offers the desired combination of immediate grip and remarkable stretchable hold.
  • Excellent product which offers great versatility, as they can be
    • Used in disposable Rat trap pad or in tubes.
    • Applied to cardboard, plastic trays etc.
  • Proven product – tested in the field with 100% success rate at multiple customer locations.
  • Effectively controls rodents and other crawling pests (cockroaches, and other crawling insects) in indoors in a clean, economical way.
    • Perfect glue for Pest & Rodent Trap Glue Pads for eliminating and preventing unwanted rodent and pest infestations in households, commercial establishments.
  • Specially designed Ideal glue for RTG pad manufacturers who looks for Ultra Strong – Tacky – Stretchable Rat Trap Glue.

Disclaimer: Our Rat trap glue is meant to be used responsibly and for intended use only. Keep out of reach of children, pets, and non-target animals. In case of accidental contact with our product, use vegetable oil to remove from skin or animals.