Stretch/Silage/Cling Wrap

Kothari polyisobutylene is the ideal tackifier for linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is Polyisobutylene.
Polyisobutylene offers excellent cling properties to the film when added to LLDPE.

Polyisobutylene can be added to the production of LLDPE film either by way of
  • LLDPE / PIB masterbatches or
  • Direct addition to the LLDPE during the film extrusion process.
The major areas of application for tackified LLDPE are pallet stretch wrap and bale silage wrap.
The films made by incorporating polyisobutylene exhibit good clarity, durability and cling properties.

Low toxicity of the KVIS polyisobutylene’s enable them to be used in domestic cling film meant for food wrap. KPL technical service team can advise our customers on direct addition of polyisobutylene to extruders, and on cling film evaluation – contact us for more information.