Sealants & Caulks

KVIS polyisobutylene’s are most widely used in sealants and putty formulations as an effective replacement for the drying oils.

The polyisobutylene can impart the following properties to the sealants
  • Permanence
  • Improved adhesion and cohesion and
  • Ageing
  • Less shrinkage
  • Lower oil-to-filler ratios.

KVIS polyisobutylene’s act as a plasticizer and it add tack to elastomer-based sealants.
Addition of polyisobutylene results in a softer sealant. Such sealants can be easily extruded and can be applied from an application gun without using large proportions of solvents. The reduced usage of solvents facilitates environmental benefits. The product shrinkage after application will be minimized due to the reduced usage of solvents.
Polyisobutylene’s can be formulated along with butyl rubber for being used in sealants for double glazed window systems, and other applications where low moisture vapour transmission is important. This type of sealant is more suitable for use as both primary and secondary sealants in the window-glazing unit.
In Silicone based high performance sealants, KVIS can be employed as a partial replacement/extender for silicone oil. The addition of KVIS polyisobutylene’s can result in cost savings without compromise on the properties of the sealant.
When polyisobutylene is added to Clear Sealants it imparts outstanding peel adhesion and good ageing characteristics.