Miscellaneous Applications

Researchers around the world continue to find new and advanced applications for polyisobutylene. Kothari’s research and development capabilities are world-class, and we are prepared to work with you to derive ever new opportunities to utilize this unique product.
Our team of technical service experts is always available to guide and deliver any service of your requirement with regard to any new application development with polyisobutylene and its derivatives. Please contact us to learn more.
Personal Care
KVIS polyisobutylene’s are pure, clear and practically non-toxic polymers.
Personal care products like lip-gloss and roll-on deodorants can be formulated with polyisobutylene.
Because of high purity KVIS polyisobutylene’s, it can be used to replace fatty esters and other expensive oils in the personal care product formulations.
The rheological property of inks can be controlled by addition of Polyisobutylene’s, resulting in improved processing and print image. Traditionally used naphthenic oil carriers used in printing inks can be replaced by polyisobutylene’s, and have been used to improve the image quality and feel of carbon papers.
polyisobutylene’s can be used in preparing ink followers that aid in uniform flow of ink in gel / ball point pens.